Dec 072010


In 1967, Jamaican-born DJ Kool Herc took the local sound system culture to the Bronx, New York and subsequently, Hip Hop was born. Four decades later, the genre has come full circle as Five Steez, one of Jamaica’s Hip Hop MCs, has collaborated with DJ Ready Cee, a New York underground Hip Hop radio icon from the Bronx, and released a mixtape online entitled ‘The Momentum: Volume One’.

The mixtape, which is the first release in a three part series, features 18 tracks, spanning a total of 46 minutes, in which Five Steez spits his lyrics over well-known instrumentals as DJ Ready Cee employs his tricks in mixing, cutting and scratching. It is available for download at, & iTunes.

“It’s been a while since I’ve heard a ‘real mixtape’ with actual mixing, plus scratching, and I wanted to bring that back,” says the rapper. “It’s become rare even within modern Hip Hop but this is what the mixtape is really about.”

DJ Ready Cee, known for The Underground Lockdown and The Ready Cee Show on New York City’s WHUT 91.9FM during the late 1990s and early 2000s, says, “I first heard the homie Five Steez when he sent me a track that I played on my online show. I was blown away and so were my co-hosts and listeners because it was so dope. And this kid is coming straight out of Kingston, Jamaica, so that was special.”

Five Steez says, “Ready Cee is an icon so it’s definitely an honour to get this type of support from him, particularly with the mixtape. I hope that this will highlight turntablism locally and also build my fanbase, especially abroad where the real market for Hip Hop exists.”

Five Steez is one of the most recognized artists within Kingston’s growing Hip Hop movement and is best known for his appearance in the music video, ‘Get Down’, and recent performances at Manifesto|Jamaica events, ART’ical Exposure and ART’ical Empowerment Live. He can be found at (@FiveSteez) and

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Jun 082009

Artist mixtapes are a dime a dozen and most come and go without ever being noticed, but not when DJ Ready Cee & DJ Mixx decide to do one.
Straight outta Cashville, Tennessee, we proudly introduce ‘NIC DIME DUBIN’, the long awaited mixtape from ILL DOSAGE! Anyone who listens to the show knows that ILL DOSAGE has been a part of our team for many years from Cali Connect to Cashville Connect and it continues today with the release of ‘Nic Dime Dubin’.

01- cashville intro

02- feel that vibe – ill dose & brody blocx (prod by kno)

03- free bird – ill dose & dozanova

04- face the facts – ill dose feat. amber

05- my life – ill dose & dozanova

06- N.B.O.-new block order – 187 blitz & ill dose

07- too good – ill dose (prod by v-12)

08- days of my life – ill dose (prod by kno)

09- one knife one gun – ill dose & brody blocx (prod by dozanova)

10- nic dime dubin – ill dose & slowpoke (prod by jake one)

11- temptation – ill dose w/ crack sherl & 5’3 (prod v-12)

12- 1, 2, 3, 4, (painkillers) – ill dose & slimchance (bronx blend)

13- man up – ill dose (prod by 9th wonder)

14- no playin in cashville – ill dose (prod by foundation unit)

15- push-(painkillers) – slimchance w/ ill dose & dozanova

16- its the music – brody blocx w/ ill dose & slimchance (prod by v-12)

17- money to major – c-vega & ill dose (prod by kevin g)

18- tennessee to cali – ill dose (prod by jake one)

19- we gonna tell you what it is – cas & ill dose w/ fo deli

20- young geez – ill dose & kool daddy fresh (prod by kevin g)

21- cashville outro