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Zombie’s return in Call of Duty: Black Ops

The zombies from Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War DLC will make a return in Call of Duty: Black Ops, according to a listing at Best Buy Canada’s online store. The description for the Hardened edition of the game details the four maps included with both collector’s editions, describing them as “Four Zombie Maps Pack made famous from COD: World at War.”

This information is further evidenced by multiple accounts at Black Ops fansite, where GameStop employees at several stores revealed marketing materials for the game (people even snapped pics, as seen here). The maps are said to be remakes of the World at War zombie maps “updated for the Black Ops engine.” While we’re glad to see the mode making a return in Black Ops, we’re really concerned with something else — zombies that can travel through time. That sounds, like, double terrifying.


Modern Warfare 2 glitch unlocks five SNK XBLA games

In a stroke of exceptionally bad luck for SNK, a glitch has been discovered that unlocks free access to the full versions of five of the publisher’s XBLA games for users who already have the demos on their hard drives. To make it worse, the glitch occurs within Modern Warfare 2 (a game that bajillons of Xbox 360 owners already have) — or its recent demo (which is freely available).

Somehow, running Modern Warfare 2 coincidentally fools the system into thinking it’s authorized to temporarily unlock full versions of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug XX, and Samurai Shodown II. Joystiq tested the exploit with Garou and KOF ’98, and can verify that it works. For now, at least.

We’re certain this issue will be patched by one of the three affected parties — SNK Playmore, Activision, or Microsoft — in the near future, now that it’s known. In the meantime, just because you can get these games for free doesn’t mean you aren’t a major jerk for doing so.

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This has been in constant replay the past couple days… Cop it!

1- Intro – Buck 50 Kutter DJs feat. Carson daily
2- Got Rhymes – Produced by Eric Krasno +
3- I Know Prod by Davey Tree ++
4- Veteran Dave Ghetto feat Breez Evahflowin
5- Matador prod by Twang One *
6- Troublemakers Dirt E. Dutch Remix **
7- Repo Men Feat & prod by Dirt E. Dutch*
8- 120 prod by Khrome
9- Change Gon’ Come prod by & feat Eric Krasno on Guitar +
10- Tryna Hold On Davey Tree Remix +*
11- Get it On prod by B Ski Rocks ^*
12- Fly prod by Juggla ^*
13- Maneuverin Sound Dirt E Dutch Remix **
14- Balance the Sac prod by Donnan Links ^*
15- Best Minds 3rd Party feat Breez
16- Hot 2 Nite prod by Eric Krasno & Adam Dietch +
17- Luck vs Skill prod by Davey Tree ++
18- Disillusioned prod by & feat Eric Krasno on Guitar +
19- Dream prod by DJ Tweak feat Rob Swift
20- Pricipio Rob Swift feat Breez prod by Doctor Butcher
21- Outro Buck 50 Kutter DJs