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TopCat – Pass My Robe (Instrumental Album)

TopCat (aka Apollo Treed) is back with an instrumental album of smooth shit titled “Pass My Robe“. Specifically, this release is “a smooth alternative to the commercial radio garbage” that exists in the world. This album is “pure Hip hop / jazz fusion to soothe the soul!”

Btw, if you’re not familiar with TopCat and his work, you need to head on over to check out his podcast SOUPKITCHEN EXCLUSIVES as fast as you can. I just listened to the latest episode yesterday and not only are there some fire gems on the podcast, Top breaks shit down on the mic unlike no other. Go get yourself some knowledge and tell me thanks later. –P

Bandcamp –

Eratic – Negative Balance (Album) (@Eratic)

New release from Nap’s Eratic.

DJ Premier Head Man

I was coolin in my studio last night with Dj Mixx (@djmixx2011) & Dj Ready Cee (@djreadycee) when the Dj Premier Head Man popped up on ESPN. I know there has to be a better doppelgänger out there for the GOD of HIP HOP production, but the resemblance was funny enough to make us laugh at so I’ll take it. Enjoy.


John Hurd, Jr. – Computer Love (HD Talkbox Thriller)

John Hurd, Jr. – Computer Love (HD Talkbox Thriller)

I nominate this for the best video of all time. LOL. For real, this may be the best shit ever created in the entire universe….even better than his Kid Rock “Only Got Knows Why” cover.