Jun 072011

I need you to hit this button below (or click here) and go vote for the homey Ill Dose (nominated for Best Hip Hop Artist Male & Song Of The Year). Get on it!!!!

And while you’re here, peep the classic vids:

Jun 082009

Artist mixtapes are a dime a dozen and most come and go without ever being noticed, but not when DJ Ready Cee & DJ Mixx decide to do one.
Straight outta Cashville, Tennessee, we proudly introduce ‘NIC DIME DUBIN’, the long awaited mixtape from ILL DOSAGE! Anyone who listens to the show knows that ILL DOSAGE has been a part of our team for many years from Cali Connect to Cashville Connect and it continues today with the release of ‘Nic Dime Dubin’.

01- cashville intro

02- feel that vibe – ill dose & brody blocx (prod by kno)

03- free bird – ill dose & dozanova

04- face the facts – ill dose feat. amber

05- my life – ill dose & dozanova

06- N.B.O.-new block order – 187 blitz & ill dose

07- too good – ill dose (prod by v-12)

08- days of my life – ill dose (prod by kno)

09- one knife one gun – ill dose & brody blocx (prod by dozanova)

10- nic dime dubin – ill dose & slowpoke (prod by jake one)

11- temptation – ill dose w/ crack sherl & 5’3 (prod v-12)

12- 1, 2, 3, 4, (painkillers) – ill dose & slimchance (bronx blend)

13- man up – ill dose (prod by 9th wonder)

14- no playin in cashville – ill dose (prod by foundation unit)

15- push-(painkillers) – slimchance w/ ill dose & dozanova

16- its the music – brody blocx w/ ill dose & slimchance (prod by v-12)

17- money to major – c-vega & ill dose (prod by kevin g)

18- tennessee to cali – ill dose (prod by jake one)

19- we gonna tell you what it is – cas & ill dose w/ fo deli

20- young geez – ill dose & kool daddy fresh (prod by kevin g)

21- cashville outro



May 212009

NYC radio fans have for a long time enjoyed our traditional “Old School at Noon” mixes on our major stations featuring legendary DJs like Red Alert, Mister Cee, Chuck Chillout and more… I’ve decided to throw up a classic episode of The Ready Cee Show from 2005 featuring a classic Hiphop mix to get your holiday weekend blasted off the right way! ENJOY!




Apr 212008


When I’m out and people ask me “What are you doing these days?”, I have a few stock answers to choose from, but more and more, I’m going to my number one choice of “just watching People’s Court”. Why? I think it’s a quick answer to summarize a portion of my day that really does exist while sufficiently answering a standard small talk question. After all, I know for a fact that certain people are more concerned with comparing themselves to me or searching for something to fuel a condescending remark…so my answer helps play into whatever they were searching for in the first place. Give the people what they want, right?

On the flip side, if my aces want to know what I’m doing, I’ll give them the same answer sometimes as a way to explain that I’m just posted up working on some beats, writing, or eating. I guess to sum it up, my answers are generally based on the truth but delivered in a fashion that allows me to see where a person’s head is at by their reaction. I like to watch you watch me.

So, for all the people out there that are genuinely concerned with what I’m doing…”I’m just watching People’s Court”. For all of you who could care less about what I’m doing…just know that “I’m just watching People’s Court” regardless of your existence. This blog post blows.

P.S. If you respond in person with “Doug Llewelyn 4 Life!” after hearing me say “just watchin People’s Court”, I’ll know you read this and present you with a crisp $10 bill.