Paranorm aka Parakhan

Paranorm, (or Parakhan) is me. I am originally from South Bend, IN, and I skateboard, make beats, record verses, and currently live in New York City.

TV Networks that I have appeared on: VH1, Showtime, Showtime Extreme, The Learning Channel, Discovery, Style Network, Travel, MTV, Fuel Tv, Galavision, G4 Tech TV, MTV2, MTV Jams, PBS, NPR, Superstation, and more.

Random projects I have done audio and scoring for: various bumpers (MTV Jams, etc), Beastie Boys TV Show (wish that would’ve come out), movie sites (Snakes On A Plane, Harold and Kumar, etc), skate and surf DVDs (Deathbowl to Downtown, Super-X Media, Contrast, etc).

I have been on a bunch of 12″ vinyl releases, compilations (domestic and international), CDs, mixtapes, and played on commercial / college radio around the world. I have had multiple record deals over the years (Grand Royal/Capitol, Fistfulayen (Ian!), KPM music library appearances, + more). I have also been offered many other deals that I didn’t take (Fat Beats, N2O, Titan).

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