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This video makes me remember all the days I’ve stood in that same spot hustling that same product with that same smile. #LocalsOnly

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Paul Perez Head Man @PaulmotherfingP @kroqkom

I was just browsing a retro site looking at old pics when I stumbled across a set of pics of Taco Bell workers in the 1980s. So I’m scrolling down and I get to the last picture in the batch and there it is… the doppelganger of my friend Paul Perez out in LA. Before you say anything, I know that Paul isn’t famous like the other lookalikes on this site, but this shit is so on and I’m laughing hard so it has to go up. So, I present to you, the Paul Perez Head Man.

Doppelganger above. Real Paul below.

Btw, be sure to check out what Paul and crew are doing in LA with