Jun 252011

John Hurd, Jr. – Computer Love (HD Talkbox Thriller)

I nominate this for the best video of all time. LOL. For real, this may be the best shit ever created in the entire universe….even better than his Kid Rock “Only Got Knows Why” cover.

Jun 092011


If you started writing graffiti after 97 we ain’t on the same page.

If you use the word “Swag” we ain’t on the same page.

If you wear skinny jeans, You deserve what’s coming to you..

If you use the name that I’ve put in work  for…You WILL catch a bad one.. Ask around.

If  I see you and you cut your eye in a hoe’ish fashion and size me up.. You will probably get cut.

See we’re not the same, We don’t think the same and I’m not into spreading peace and love.. “SEEN”

So next time we come face to face keep your hand in your pocket because a chin check might be in your future.

I don’t post shit on here so you can stay in the loop.. I post shit on here so you can stay alive…



Jun 072011

I need you to hit this button below (or click here) and go vote for the homey Ill Dose (nominated for Best Hip Hop Artist Male & Song Of The Year). Get on it!!!!

And while you’re here, peep the classic vids: