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THE READY CEE SHOW – Episode #157

We’ve been letting other podcasts run free in the wilderness for a few months but the kings of the jungle are back so put the kids to sleep! DJ Ready Cee & DJ Mixx are rollin out what we call HIPHOP 2.0… Its time for a complete update of this game and we’re programming the whole operating system from the underground up!

WE’RE SENDING A BIG MIDDLE FINGER TO EVERYONE OUT THERE TRYING TO TURN THEIR BACKS & SHUT DOWN ON HARD CORE HIPHOP! You will NEVER be able to take the streets out of this music and if you’re not dealin with the streets you’re not deal with REAL Hiphop, you’re dealin with some shit YOU made up!

Coast to Coast, shore to shore, we’re taking a global stand against the vultures feeding off of the scraps that our collective greed has left behind! We’re takin this battle to the suckas’ homeland this time, we’re not gonna let them invade our ground anymore! We’re goin right at the throats of these reckless talking phonies who’ve gotten REAL comfortable with hanging out after certain times and in certain locations like its all gravy nowadays… nope! HIPHOP 2.0 IS HERE!!

This message is approved by THE READY CEE SHOW.

SBX! Holding Down The Tradition (2005)

SBX! Holding Down The Tradition (2005) is an independent short film by Jun Ohki about a day in the life of D.I.T.C. Its a one of a kind musical look into the daily routine of some of Hiphop’s greats including AG, Show, Edan, Party Arty, D-Flow, Lord Finesse & Percee P. Part of this movie was filmed in DJ Ready Cee’s old studio in The Bronx & even shouts out DJ Ready Cee & DJ Snuu. The film also features a soundtrack of all original music recorded for the movie. Some of these songs went under the radar and are definite D.I.T.C. gems that need to be heard! Biggup goes out to Jun Ohki for including our movement in the film. RIP PARTY ARTY.