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Albert King – Portrait by Shirley Glaser

Albert KingAlbert King – Portrait by Shirley Glaser (New York Magazine Sep 9, 1968)

? 1962 The Big Blues, King Records
? 1967 Born Under a Bad Sign, Stax Records
? 1968 Live Wire/Blues Power, Stax Records
? 1969 Years Gone By, Stax Records
? 1969 King Of The Blues Guitar, Atlantic Records
? 1970 Blues For Elvis – King Does The King’s Things, Stax Records
? 1971 Lovejoy, Stax Records
? 1972 I’ll Play The Blues For You, Stax Records
? 1972 WattStax Wattstax (Compilation), Stax Records (live at the LA Memorial Coliseum 8-20-1972)
? 1973 Blues At Sunset, Stax Records
? 1973 Blues At Sunrise, Stax Records
? 1974 I Wanna Get Funky, Stax Records
? 1974 Montreux Festival (Compilation), Stax Records
? 1974 The Blues Don’t Change, Stax Records
? 1974 Funky London, Stax Records
? 1976 Albert, Tomato Records
? 1976 Truckload Of Lovin’ , Tomato Records
? 1977 I’ll Play the Blues For You, Tomato Records (with John Lee Hooker)
? 1977 King Albert, Tomato Records
? 1979 New Orleans Heat, Tomato Records
? 1979 Chronicle, Stax Records (with Little Milton)
? 1983 San Francisco ’83, (Recorded March 2-10 1983) Fantasy Records
? 1983 Crosscut Saw: Albert King In San Francisco, Stax Records
? 1984 I’m In A Phone Booth, Baby, Stax Records
? 1986 The Best Of Albert King, Stax Records
? 1986 The Lost Session, Stax Records (with John Mayall)
? 1989 Let’s Have A Natural Ball, Modern Blues Recordings
? 1989 Live, Rhino Records
? 1990 Door To Door, Chess Records
? 1990 Wednesday Night In San Francisco, Stax Records
? 1990 Thursday Night in San Francisco, Stax Records
? 1991 Red House, Essential
? 1992 Roadhouse Blues, RSP Records



    Zack de la Rocha has gathered a group of courageous artists to boycott against Arizona and its racial profiling law SB1070. The law gives authorities the right to target and single out anyone they “reasonably suspect” may be undocumented. Please join the fight and take a stand against this odious law!

    Artists can join the boycott by visiting

    Here is a list of artist that have already joined the boycott…

    Cypress Hill, Juanes, Conor Oberst, Los Tigres del Norte, Rage Against the Machine, Cafe Tacvba, Michael Moore, Kanye West, Calle 13, Joe Satriani, Tenacious D, Serj Tankian, Rise Against, Ozomatli, Sabertooth Tiger, Massive Attack, One Day as a Lion, Street Sweeper Social Club, Spank Rock, Sonic Youth… and more are joining everyday.

    “Rappers don’t blow up, heads do…” – Count Bass D

    Ok I’ve lived long periods of my life in both New York City and the south (Dallas & Houston). This dude is all worked up over attitudes and thoughts that are ten+ years in the past. Back in the time NYC didn’t give much love to ANY other region, not just the south. NY went head up with the West and I never recall a time in history that NY attitudes about the south ever got to that level. He says NY jacked southern slang?? C’mon dude… you can not even BEGIN to list the slang that’s originated in the New York streets that has been absorbed by the entire WORLD for the last 20+ years. No one from NY has ever tried to diss an MC from another region for using slang like DISS, WORD, CHILL, BITIN, etc lol.. every bit of that dude’s style is NY lol. If he didn’t constantly remind everyone that he’s from New Orleans not one person on Earth would ever guess it. I’d guess he’s from NY real quick. I KNOW dudes from N.O. MANY of them. They don’t look or sound anything like this kid and they don’t have anything to do with rap they’re some real cats born, raised and true!

    The DUMBEST thing he did was start tryn to size up southern artists to NY artists on some battle stuff. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard any so-called intelligent person speak. He lost alot of respect from me on this one. I mean don’t get me wrong I LOVE the whole battle attitude and goin at niggaz throats but he’s kinda disrespecting the place from which his entire life is based on. And he needs to narrow his spectrum to his OWN city. Why is he tryn to size the entire south up against this city? He should go town for town if he’s got as much BALLS as he keeps sayin. He all, “TI, LUDA, 8 BALL & MJG, BUN B” They’re all from different cities from all over the south. He needs to stick to NEW ORLEANS and rep for HIS area and put THAT CRAP up against this fine city! THEN how many names is he gonna pull out to go up against our generals of the game?? Man the more I think about it, he is officially on CRACK. He needs to be strung up and lashed in the Bronx River Houses live on TV, then given another chance to get things right :)